Getting to know SATMA

About Us

SATMA Awards were founded by Dr. Dumisani Goba in 2005 and inaugurated in 2006 to bring all races and ethnic groups together through the celebration of South Africa’s diverse musical cultures and also to eliminate tribalism and other divisive measures. SATMA AWARDS gives traditional music its rightful status and role in South African Arts & Culture in the preservation of our Heritage. SATMA AWARDS recognized this void; therefore the birth of the South African Traditional Music Achievement (SATMA) Awards was incepted where traditional music is given an appropriate platform to honour musicians by hosting a ceremonial event. The SATMA Awards have been hosted in various Provinces (KwaZulu Natal , Eastern Cape & Bokone Bophirima(North West) ), Cities (Durban, East London & Mahikeng) and Venues from 2006 to date. The SATMA roadshow has been hosted in all provinces as part of the build-up to the main event. 

Why Brand SATMA

  • To showcase the richness of  traditional music heritage nationally and globally.
  • To link with cultural  organizations with similar objectives within our  nation and the world at large.
  • To promote and develop traditional music across racial and ethnic background.
  • To encourage multi-cultural exchange amongst all the diverse citizens of South Africa.
  • To unearth hidden musical traditional talents.
  • To inspire and motivate  Cultural Values amongst Africans at large.
  • To awaken and provide a way to expressing a positive South Africa Sentiment & Spirit.

Brand Core & Essence

  • To preserve and advance  South Africa’s colourful and vibrant cultural heritage by showcasing and celebrating traditional music genres with an annual            showcase that recognizes and honours  South Africa’s best traditional music talent.
  • To maintain a sense of belonging for all South Africans through culture & heritage.
  • To sustain & encourage the African spirit  that is only portrayed and translated  through traditional music.
  • To build and sustain a positive and pride-full cultural  stigma to today’s Modern Lifestyles and Religions.
  • To  preserve and promote  the spirit  of Ubuntu.

Why is SATMA Different & Unique?

  •  SATMA is the only project that honours, recognizes, appreciates and encourages the efforts and lifestyles of Traditional Musicians, Poets and Artists at        large in South Africa.
  • It is the only hope that South Africa  has as a symbol that stands out like a flag in saying “I am proudly African”.
  • The only hope that South Africa has in engaging and encouraging the youth through cultural and traditional customs willingly without scaring or confusing them away.
  • It is the only project that truly unites all South Africans in one without discriminating whether by Lifestyle, Culture or Religion because Tradition & Culture       are the only way that anybody who exists can have a sense of belonging.
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