SATMA Awards became a game changer in the music industry and brought respect, dignity & excitement in the genre of traditional music in South Africa. We brought back pride, confidence and hope to many stakeholders in this sector of traditional music. SATMA Awards achieved the following, we:

  • have paid over R12 Million to our musicians.
  • gave away over 10 vehicles to winners.
  • exposed our Radio Presenters to different countries through our Siyabalanda Campaign Programme.
  • exposed our Traditional Musicians who were nominated and won the awards, and have gone on to become stars, i.e. such as late SABA Mbixane, Mondli Mzizi, Felix Hlophe, Pastor Mjosty, Gudla, Indidane and many other.
  • gave a platform to thousands of artists through our Roadshows.
  • built a tombstone for the founder of Maskandi music, Phuzushukela.
  • honoured over 30 Freedom Fighters such Inkosi Albert Luthuli, Steve Biko, Sobukwe, Mama Sisulu, to name the few.
  • honoured over 30 legends and icons of Traditional Music, Nofinishi Dwili, Dolly Rathebe, Mahlathini, etc.
  • honuored over 10 Africans in the Diaspora, such as Dr. Obama, Malcom X, Dr. Martin Luther King, Harry Belafonde, etc.
  • contributed close to half a billion rands to the economy of South Africa, through tourism, small business empowerment, economic boost and many other related sectors.
  • and hosted over half a million people through our street parades.

SATMA’s will have a series of online events as part of the 16th Year Celebration including online roadshows. We are hoping that we will host live event as oppose to virtual event depending on Lockdown Levels and it’s regulations.

SATMA Awards is the only event that honours and unites South Africans and Africans, regardless of the colour of their skin/ethnicity. However, we believe we have not done enough; we are the least funded awards, mainly because we deal with traditional music, which was previously undermined. We have very limited resources, but we are soldiering on, because this is for the nation. 

We really appreciate your support, and we are still look forward to working with you now and in the near future. Please spread the love of SATMA Awards, word of unity, word of love & togetherness.  

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