SATMA Awards Funeral Scheme Terms and Conditions

SATMA Awards is a juristic representative of KGA Life Limited, a registered insurer and authorised services adviser, FSP Nr 15980.
1. This is a group funeral scheme.
2. Premiums are payable monthly in advance on or before the 1st day of each month.
3. Cover for the scheme is provided month-to-month basis, no reserves are built up under the scheme.
4. Premiums under the scheme are not guaranteed and can be adjusted by KGA Life Ltd through SATMA Awards Funeral Scheme with 30 days written notice.
5. Participation is open to any healthy person between the ages of 14 up to and including 90 years on condition that the prospective policyholder (and his/her dependents / extended family members ) meet all the entry requirement as determined by KGA Life Ltd in order to qualify for funeral insurance.
6. The assurance of a member, his /her dependent /extended family member commences on the 1st day of a month following the acceptance by KGA Life Ltd of the member‘s application form and the first premium.
7. Cover will commence after the stipulated waiting period has expired as specified in the master policy.
8. When a member increases his/her cover under the scheme the increases cover amount will be subject to the relevant waiting period, before the full cover commences.
9. If the member’s cover ceases and the member applied to rejoin the scheme at a later stage the same conditions as for a new membership will apply.
10. The following standard waiting period apply for new member joining the group scheme:
Natural causes: 6 calendar months and 12 calendar months for members between the age of 86 and 90 years.
Unnatural causes: 1 calendar month.
Children under 14 years of age: 1 calendar month.
Suicide/ attempted suicide: 24 calendar months.
11. Not receiving a confirmation of payment (receipt in terms of Section 47 of the Long-Term Insurance Act [LTA] from the person or scheme collecting/ receiving the premium , on any given month, will serve as a notice of non-payment in terms of Section 52 (1) of the LTA.
12. A member who is not legally married can still enjoy family cover as long as all the relevant  information is supplied on the application form at inception.
13. A child is covered as follows:
a) I f unmarried and under the age of 21 years.
b) I f unmarried, under the age of 26 and a full time student at a recognized education Institution.
c) I f physically or mentally disabled, who does not receive a grant and who is dependent on his/ her parents.
14. A foster child approved by KGA shall mean:
a) A child that has been legally adopted and the relevant Court Order or other legal documentation has been issued.
b) A child, whom the member is caring on a permanent basis, provided that it is the child of direct family who are themselves incapable of caring for such child.
c) A child that is not direct family provided that documentation can be provided by the welfare that the member is caring for that child on a permanent basis.
15. Claims:
a) No valid claims will be paid if premiums are in arrears or shor t paid. Such valid claims will be processed, pre -authorised and only paid when the full amount due has been received by KGA.
b) Only claims submitted within three (3)/ six (6) months of the date of death will be considered for payment.
c) No claims will be considered unless documentary evidence, as determined by KGA Life Ltd, has been supplied.
d) The family or beneficiary will have six months, from the date of death, in which to provide documentary evidence that the cause of death was not a result of a dreaded disease, whereupon the balance of the cover amount will be paid out to the family/ beneficiary.
e) Claims for common-Law spouses who were not declared on the original application form will not be considered for payment in the event of death (traditional marriages included).
16. The calculation of the claim benefit – spouse qualifies for the full cover amount, children under 6 years of age qualify for 25% of the cover amount, children ages 6 to 13 years qualify for 50% of the cover amount and children ages 14 years and older qualify for the full cover amount.
17. The master policy contains the full rules and conditions of this contract, should there be a discrepancy, the Master policy will prevail.
18. Unique product condition
Extended Family Cover for extended family members 14-90 years of age Extended family members not included at inception will not be admitted at a later stage.
Beef Policy Participation 14-74 years of age A 400kg live cattle delivered to your doorstep and meat hampers for children under the age of 14 years. A six (6) month waiting period applies.
Daily Living Participation 14-90 years of age Enjoy living benefits 24 hours per day in all 11 official languages: Legal assistance, Access Health line, Emergency evacuation, Repatriation of mortal remains free of charge. Not applicable to Extended family members.
Income Continuation Participation 14-90 years of age- applicable to main member only Extra cash for the family. Choice between R3000 and R6000. Benefit paid to the nominated beneficiary.

HOT-LINE: 086 100 0513



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